Get Involved!

In partnership with Translink, we are in the beginning stages of forming a co-partnership of local people to revitalize lands along the Skytrain corridor at the 22nd Street Station in New Westminster, BC. We are looking for leadership of local residents, businesses, volunteers, advisors and users of the space.

Using principles of permaculture, our goal is to design an ecological restoration and community garden. We hope this project will use and model organic growing practices that protect the environment and reconnect people with the land that sustains us all. Our desire is a landscape that not only demonstrates principles of sustainable land use, is aesthetically pleasing, and brings positive activities to the area, but is also a landscape that reconstructs some natural areas that will bring beneficial wildlife to the garden.

We hope the project will be an inclusive one through which the community will benefit. Issues of food quality and justice are a growing concern. Public spaces which are aesthetically pleasing, and designed with safety and crime-reduction in mind, would make such spaces a great asset to the community. By involving the local community, we hope to use innovative ways to address some of those concerns.

If you live near the 22nd Street Station, use  the space, travel through it, or are interested in participating in our community garden project, please complete the online survey,  email us comments, suggestions or questions at bcurbancommunityproject at gmail dot com, or leave a note below here on our site.

The survey has an option to keep you updated on news, notifications of planning sessions, and information on how to get involved!


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