The creation of a project like an urban community garden starts with a vision. Historically, it seems many ideas have not started in just one place; evidence of that is the great numbers of patent requests that occur in clusters at any particular point in time for very similar ideas and inventions!

So we think it’s safe to assume that there are others like us out there who have a vision for a more people-friendly green space at the 22nd Street Skytrain Station on the Translink corridor in New Westminster.

At this conceptual stage, we are in the process of sharing our vision with others, talking to the community around the space, asking who needs to be involved and trying to connect with those people who have that interest in revitalizing public green/garden spaces.

In an effort to get the word out, to connect with those people, fliers are going out to the community. There is a survey. We are chatting with people who travel through the space, with neighbors, with businesses and other stake-holders.

This is an information-seeking stage. We need to know what concept of the space exists in the minds of people now, what they like or dislike about it, how they use it, how they would like to be able to use it, what they would like to change or keep, what needs they see in their community that the space might be able to answer.

By bringing these diverse ideas to the table, we believe it is possible to have a co-partnership of various people from the community that will be empowered to promote not only the greening of a much used space, but will find ways to improve and enrich the life of the communities that relate to the area.

Take the survey. Email us your questions, answers, suggestions, ideas, opinions at bcurbancommunitygardenproject at gmail dot com. Watch for a meet-up announcement.


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