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worm bin project

I recently had the opportunity to watch a hilarious video on reducing waste. A local couple decided to compete against each other to see who could buy less and put less into the waste bins. It has been a few years, but the issue of waste is probably even more relevant now.

The Clean Bin Project – Trailer from Grant Baldwin Videography on Vimeo.

This inspired me to challenge some of my friends to a little competition: to just do one thing to reduce the waste in our bins.

I decided to start a worm composting bin, which turns out to be a little harder than I thought. Knowing a little about worm composting — for example that not any old worms can tolerate the heat of a composting bin — my first task was to find suppliers of the proper worms. I thought that living on the “left coast” as I do now, it should be super-easy to find suppliers of said worms. Not so.

A quick google search led me to city farmer’s list and I started phoning. I was a little surprised that nine calls later, I finally found a local guy who has some and I can pick them up tomorrow.

I have a certain bias towards local entrepreneurs and prefer the face-to-face transaction. For people interested in ordering from online suppliers, all sorts of companies are on the web and will ship (weather permitting, of course). Prices range from $35/lb to $45 /lb plus shipping and handling.

Anyway, I will keep you posted on my worm bin project and challenge you to find one thing you can do to reduce, reuse or recycle what would otherwise go into your waste bin too!

For more information on worm composting, go to city farmer.


GMO news

It is disturbing the extent to which our food safety is so dependent on one commodity, ie. corn! Added to that is the reliance of most corn producers on less than a handful of seed-producers. Most disturbing of all is a seemingly heedless and headlong  butt-first dive into an increasingly unintelligible relationship with Monsanto and its genetically modified seed, most recently SmartStax corn.

Read about it here, and sign the petition telling the government that an unexamined approval of its sale and use in Canada is tantamount to inviting a disaster to the safety of our food supplies.

Then consider becoming involved in our grass-roots, local project to restore a natural harmony of place and to promote the safe and reliable growing of food in our community.

Complete our survey. Email us at bcurbancommunitygardenproject at gmail dot com. Watch for a meet-up announcement!