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Canada’s food labels leave too much to the imagination

Canada’s food labels leave too much to the imagination.



I recently met with Athenaise to talk about some of the ideas we have for a new kind of garden space at the 22nd Street Skytrain Station area in New Westminster, BC. A little while ago, I had responded to a sign she had posted along the BC Parkway Trail which I had noticed on one of my Sunday morning runs. You may have seen these notices too!

In general terms, her ideas are to design and assemble an ecologically sustainable garden and natural area following permaculture principles. Our goals would be to use and model organic growing practices that protect the environment, reconnect people with the land that sustains us, and promote the relationships that heal, nurture and empower people. Through the creation of a pleasing and productive landscape, we hope to make intelligible connections between the garden, the community and the natural world.

We found we had many interests in common: food justice and security, responsible citizenship, empowerment of those who might be disinfranchised, under-employed, under-privileged; ecologically and esthetically responsible use of land that is in harmony with the goals and desires of the community; and promoting the production of high-quality, affordable food in a garden-project that is as inclusive and integrated into the community as possible.

Our first steps will be to get the input of all the people who might be impacted or have an interest in this space. If you use this space ( live, work or travel through or near it), we want to know who you are, how you use the space, what you do when you are in the area, what you like or dislike about the space as it is now, and your opinions and ideas regarding our plans.

Participate in our survey, comment on any of our posts here, or send us an email.